Combined Clubs Weekend 2018: Bigger and better than ever!

The Combined Clubs Weekend provides an opportunity for divers from all around Tasmania and Australia to come together for a weekend full of diving adventures. Based at the iconic east coast town of Bicheno, the adjacent marine reserve at Governor Island provides some of the best diving in Australia. Granite boulders and ledges provide habitat for kelp in the shallows and spectacular sponge gardens, zooanthids and other invertebrates at depth. Around this butterfly perch, boarfish, and morwong swarm across the bottom.

Additional to the abundant dive sites, the weekend is full of social events, an underwater photography competition, informative presentations, gear and industry displays, great prizes and other competitions. Don't miss out on the "Great Underwater Gnome Hunt", or the quiz night for your chance to win some fantastic prizes. After last years revamped "Scuba Olympics", look out for even more fun events, like the group underwater video competition, back by public demand, as well as a greater focus on individual prizes, and awards. The Combined Clubs Weekend 2018 will be bigger and better than ever!.

The event is based at the Bicheno Town Hall, just 100m from the nearest dive site, and each night everyone gathers for an after-dive beverage and evening meal.

If you're a member of a dive club, now is the time to rally your members to prepare for a weekend full of fun events, diving, and amazing presentations by world renowned presenters. If you aren't a member of a club yet, but want to be involved (and why wouldn't you?!), then either check out the Dive Clubs page for your local Tasmanian club, or send us a message through the Contact page above. Happy diving!

Underwater Photography Shootout

The Underwater Shootout caters for both macro and wide-angle photographers.

The 2018 categories are:
Macro Image
Wide Angle
Temperate Waters
Club photo

Each CCW sees the amount of quality photos taken increase substantially - we look forward to seeing this years submissions!


SCUBA Olympics

The "SCUBA Olympics" sees clubs compete over of a series of diving-related events for the coveted perpetual Tugboat trophy. Events that make up this grand competition include:

Blind navigation
Scuba Gear Relay
Spud Hunt
Quiz Night
The Great Gnome Hunt
Hilarious theme based underwater videography competition.

Great fun all thoughout the weekend !